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Who Are Your Favourite Writers?

11 Years Ago

H. P. Lovecraft

Clark Ashton Smith

Algernon Blackwood


From outside the fantasy genre? Well, I would include Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov and Stephen King (amongst many others). For a more comprehensive list of my favourite writers, feel free to take a look at my profile page!


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11 Years Ago

Getting together both fiction and non-fiction authors... I love:

Arturo Pérez-Reverte (Alatriste)
Sarah Sefgovich (Demasiado Amor; La Mujer de los Suenos)
Sarah Addison Alley (Garden Spells)
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)
Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings)
Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years Later and Vizconde de Bragelonne)
Homer (The Iliad)
Louis May Alcott (Little Women)
Elena Poniatowska (La Matanza de Tlatelolco, Paseo de la Reforma)
Laura Esquivel (Like Water for Chocolate, La Ley del Amor)
Isabel Allende (The House of the Spirits)
Julio Schoeder Garcia (The Presidents, Carceles, Salinas y su Imperio)
John Milton (Paradise Lost)
Giovanni Papinni (The Devil)
Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire, Lestat the Vampire, and the Erotic tales of Sleeping Beauty)
... and even though her work is in Manga, I love Hazake Mizuki's writing style (Demon Ororon)

LE GASP!!!! I forgot to mention -- Neil Gaiman! I LOVE HIM! (American Gods, The Anassi Boys, Sandman, Coraline...)

Re: Who Are Your Favourite Writers?

6 Years Ago

Andrzej Sapkowski (worth checking out)

Re: Who Are Your Favourite Writers?

5 Years Ago

Darren Shan - he does horror but in the fantasy genre. 
Scott lynch - who is the amazing author of The lies of Locke Lamora. 
Naomi Novik - For giving me the Temeraire series. 

I would like to say Christopher Paolini since he was so young writing Eragon and have lots of promise. He has really inspired me as an author. 

Re: Who Are Your Favourite Writers?

4 Years Ago

Christopher Paolini and J. K. Rowling. Pretty standard if you ask me.