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Bill The Hedgehog


Name: Bill
Reason: becuase he has the same hair as Bill Kaulitz from tokio hotel [squee] but brown
Parents: Amelia und Tom :)
Birth: 8/16/08
Birthplace: Taiwan

Bill, the hedgehog, is a stuffed animal that wants to rule the world. become his minion and help turn the world to a fuzzy place.

Song about Bill [the hedge hog] below!

I got me a hedgehog
His name is Bill. Hey!
He�s got awesome hair
And he�s likes to play

His hair is the same as that bill
From sensation tokio hotel
I absolutely adore him
Why not him that as well

He�s fluffy and cute
With skin so white
I bought for eight dollars
Now that ain�t right

He goes in my pocket
And he makes me smile
He�s never alone
I treat him like my own child

Bill�s a beast
Even when my cat attacks
Bill always finds a way
To strike right back

He eats cheese
Bananas and cheerios
His face so cute
Even his toes

You�re just jealous
He likes screamo
But he never smiles
Bill must be emo

Rock, jam
You know he can
Beat, box
Bill freaking rocks!

common questions:

Q:were you one drugs at the time of making this group?
A: do cheerios count?

Q:why the heck did you get a stuffed animal?
A: cause i'm snazzy

Q: i want one!
A: break me off a piece of that!

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