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Section 90: Blind Familiarity

9 Years Ago

Section 90: Blind Familiarity is a group of writers brought together for one mission: Using our poetic movement to enrich one younger life at a time. We are here to educate the world of our existence and to promote the growth of minds that have been shown hardship. We are here to encourage others to write out their emotions instead of resulting to violence, drugs, etc. We are here to change the face of our generation and to show that we are more than what they show on television and movies. To show we are a movement of non-violent words that will broaden the lives of readers, listeners, and contributors. We are an open communication here to listen to what the hearts and minds of those who have nowhere else to turn. We are here to be the shoulders of comfort and the ears of understanding. Most importantly, we are here not to judge but to strengthen and inspire the younger generation that they can accomplish anything. Just use your words.

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