Book Club


A place where you can post you're in-progress books, get support, feedback, reviews, editing, and all that jazz from other writers.
Even if you are not currently writing a book, you're welcome to join and read them.
Please post in the forums if you are interested in editing a book or just reading through it for errors or just scroll through the writing tab.
If you've already gotten a book published, please give us hints and tips in the forums.
This is intended to be an interactive group, so please check frequently.
Welcome to the Book-Club :)

New Writing

Plaything Plaything

A Story by Ricky


A Book by aubreydiamond

Stroke of Luck Stroke of Luck

A Chapter by Ricky

Violence of Man Violence of Man

A Chapter by Ricky

Lost Freedom Lost Freedom

A Chapter by Ricky

The Hunt Begins The Hunt Begins

A Chapter by Ricky

Collision Course Collision Course

A Chapter by Ricky

Empires and Dust Empires and Dust

A Book by BL

Chapter 1 - Gavia Chapter 1 - Gavia

A Chapter by Leigh

Liiand Liiand

A Book by MoonlitAngel

Harmony Harmony

A Book by Raquel

Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by tworeeler

After Dark After Dark

A Book by Ella

Post Mortem Post Mortem

A Book by Amanda

Ruptured Ruptured

A Book by Skye

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