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Hi- I just received my copy of the book today!!!!

6 Years Ago

Hi team,

I received a copy of my book today. It is about 1070 pages with very small print. It is divided into three parts with about ten parts each. Please let me know how do you guys want to go about it. I would appreciate if you keep posting your comments, thought, and reviews on the book from time to time. I will for sure get back on each and every comment soon enough. I will try and finish each chapter in about two nights or so, and will put up a notice on the days I am low key - like having exams or too caught up with stuff - so that we all know where each of us are at, and don't get lost on the way which is very easy while reading a bigger book. Also, if you can't get ahead with the book at any point or lose interest please do let us know (it's quite possible - that's why I created this group for self motivation!)..
Looking forward to this process.