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never let me go by kazuo ishiguro

9 Years Ago

 The book NEVER LET ME GO tells a tale of three young people growing up at a bordering school named Hailsham. It is narrated by a grown 31 year old Cathy, who goes through various changes with Tommy and Ruth her closest friends. The students at Hailsham are all clones, made in order to donate organs. As they age they move on in numerous forms, but the inevitable is always vivid. This novel portrays something truly deeper then being clones, as it explores time and how it's the one thing no one can control. I personally found it to be a great novel. At first it was a little slow going but after the first few chapters it picks up and keeps you intrigued.
I read the book before I ever knew it was a movie. Although after i read the book I did watch the movie and found it to be very slow paced.