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Zombie Apocalypse

11 Years Ago

I've seen a recent surge of Zombie Apocalypse, movies like Dawn of the Dead, or even video games like Left 4 Dead (1 &2). So I figured what everyone plans where in case of this far fetched idea. And no lying, all of us i have thought about it at one time.

So here are few questions to start off with.


1- You have a back pack that can hold up to twenty pounds, and a wagon that can hold up to about the same wieght. What all is in it? (Not counting weapons)


2- What weapons would you take? If any gear in your back pack or wagon can be considered a weapon please add them.


3- How many people would you take with you? And any certain people you would survive with?


4- Would you (If you had to) go to a roof or a basement? And why?


5- Where would your favorite place to hide be?


6- When forced to, how would you baricade your self?


7- Would you go into an Urban area or a Rual area?


8- You find an RV with the keys still in and a full tank of gas, would you take it?


9- How would you go about joining a Settlement made by Surviors?


10- What is your favorite Zombie Apocalypse Media? 

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11 Years Ago

I think I should answer my thread. And don't forget to compare other peoples answers to your own and feel free to add anything or comment on the subject.


1-  Back Pack- Hammer, Nails, Rope, Wire, Wire Cutter, 1 Gallon Container, Pocket Knife, Flint, 3 Cans of Food.

      Wagon: Tent, Kindling, Axe, Flare Gun, 1 Gallon Container, Sleeping Bag, 2 Changes of Clothes, 1 Cooler, 1Lbs of Dried Meat.

2- Weapons of Choice- Baseball Bat, Glock 23 hand gun (Uses 9mm rounds and most cops use them so they are easy to find)

     Weapons in Gear- Axe, Pocket Knife, Flare Gun, Hammer

3- I would choose my family (Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brother) my cousin who I will call ]B[, my friend who I will call ]J[ and his family.

4- I would go to a basement, becuase you could always set up Doggy Gates, and we would have easy way to get out if there was a window down their.

5- My favorite hiding place would be in a chruch or a small gas station I really can't choose between the two.    

6- To barricade my self I would get some lumber and board up the windows and hide in a room with on way in. And run wire in front of the door so they would get all cut up trying to get in.

7- I would stay a 50-50 zone, near a small town so I can find supplies and stay away from to many zombies.

8- I would take the RV as long as someone else wasn't using it and for that I would just check around it for life.

9- I would join instantly and use the rest of my supplies to help protect it up making fences or something.

10- My favorite ZA Media is a game called Dead Frontier.   


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