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Call for Submissions

9 Years Ago

Hello book-writers and novelists.

I am an editor for Grit City Publications, a new group that publishes short stories, novellas, and novels in a new ebook medium called emotobooks. Emotobooks are monthly installments of serialized fiction that incorporate expressionistic illustrations to enhance the reader's emotional response and immersion in the story.

Most genres are easy to adapt to the emotobook style. We are, however, looking for stories with an edgy quality.

Our maiden series, Grit City, is performing well with readers and receiving a lot of positive reviews. We’re now looking to build our catalog for 2012. To learn more about us and how emotobooks are read, visit our website.

Email queries and/or questions to me at [email protected]

Alexis Jenny, Content & Acquisitions Editor
Grit City Publications