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Bossing with your friends This was the way people used to go prior to graves, if they wanted lower risk. You can be as bossy as you want, but remember that if you don't bless, it's only the blame. This ridiculous debate has ended.

The PKing community in RuneScape was a good group of people when the old wilderness existed (this was many years ago). We first asked "dm?" Then, we asked "dm?" before we attacked another person. We wanted to ensure that they were ready, and that we would have a fun, clean, fair fight.

People do dm'ed. It happens too often in RuneScape that I will ask someone "dm?" I'll request the person "dm" to receive a reply to "sure" or "yes" and they will go to the bank in just a few minutes.

We also put our top accounts against each other, our mains. The statistics were balanced, making it more enjoyable. We now have pures that are totally unbalanced, and it has just made PKing less fun.
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