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INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE WRITING 101- THE Element of Creative Writing.

11 Years Ago

Anyone can write but it takes a lot more in creative writing then just to tell the story.1
The writer must find their voice- this means what kind of writing are you doing? Are  you writing fiction or non-fiction writing and what kind of audience are you writing for?2
The next step is to find out what kind of genre you want to write about. This means what subject are you planning to write about like: Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Biographies.3

There are two main characters in a story -The protagnist who is the leading character in a drama, film, or novel.4
There is an antagonist- A person who actively opposes or is hostile towards someone or something.5
The next thing you must have in your story is a plot. The plot tells about the story you are writing.6

Proper English language must be used in writing a novel. I know in the U.S. we use contractions in our writing. However, proper English forbids it.7
A writer or author must not be repetitious in their writing.8 They must not use the same word over and over.  There is always a synonym for every word practically that has the same or similar  meaning. There is a dictionary of synonyms in book stores.9   Proper nous are: Mr, Mrs, and Ms. along with many more.10 You may not use Pronous together like She, He, Them, His, Her, Theirs.11 Incomplete sentences are not allowed in creative writing or any kind of writing.12 An incomplete sentence lacks a verb it may just have a noun.- The girl  what about the girl ? What does she do  ? The sentence need a verb to add on to it like The girl like runs.13
The next step is the plot of the story. It tells about the story itself.  The more details the better. It makes for a better story.14
They may add other characters to the story and turn it into a novel or add on to it later.15
This is the element of good creative writing and English as well. You must make sure you proof read, make sure the grammar is correct. The spelling is correct and your punctuation is correct.16
The best English and spelling software is over and it is a tad expensive but they have a creative writing edition and it can help you with your English, grammar, and spelliing. White Smoke has a sale on their Inclusive version and it comes with regular, business, and creative writing versions are in one. The cost is $99.00 but it comes with a lifetime membership.17
Final thoughts: You may add additional characters to your story as you go along, they may accompany either the protagonist or antagonist  it is simply the writer 's or author's choice.18 Remember the kind of audience that you are writing for.19 All writers have the option to change genres for fiction to non-fiction.20
There is also software to help you create the perfect characters for your novel. You will have to goggle it.  
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Re: INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE WRITING 101- THE Element of Creative Writing.

10 Years Ago

Essential traits of being a precise novelist.The nitty-gritty provided are basic stones of literary foundation.The one following the mentioned guidance would certainly get off chaos relevent to their writing skills.Well the step-by-step learning is convenient.