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Short Story-UF

16 Years Ago

She glows for the time being, aware that soon the water can rush ashore and brush the color away from her divine complexion. A complexion only so bright, for she is now alive within this body that has lacked beauty for so long. Her heart beating, her mind weakened, her stomach now home to a million butterflies. She�s been here before. This moment, that kiss....those eyes. A different face with familiar distractions. Fearing contentment�s short existence, she sets her feet on a path heading back toward darkened woods. The light is admired, yet admiration is short lived, for her mind reminisces and her heart hardens with each passing face. Still, she questions this profound presence; it�s unlike the others that have stolen a piece of innocence, then exited unaffected. She wonders if wandering along this similar desolate road, will at last lead her toward the sun. A sun which never sets. With rays that do not burn, and a warmth that flows throughout her veins refreshing her lifeless flesh. Accompanied by promise around her finger, and love inside her chest she embraces the chance to dance with forever. Awakened, she covers her eyes, still peeking through the openings between her fingers. The glare from the sun taunting her face, so promising, so young, it's daring her to stare. It�s sole purpose is to blind one of their fears while piercing through the darkest of eyes. Assuming intentions of burning, she continues to screen each ray invading her vision. Escaping unnoticed, an ounce of trickling hope melts under her squinting eyes, such sweet company�.and an even sweeter release. With this sudden blink, time stands still, freeing of any fear. For He has housed his soul beneath her lids.