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Here's the Scoop!

15 Years Ago

First of all, congratulations to those of you who made it into the Anthology. As of now, the authors that won the contest in addition to a select few authors who were originally in the product WILL be published. I've decided to only open this to about 5-7 authors so work doesn't get lost in the book's size. So, if you were wondering about the status of some of the other authors that were originally planning to contribute, we will definately find room in another project.

Obviously, there is alot to hammer out before we can get moving here.

I want the anthology to be nice and solid, so I am thinking around 60,000-80,000 words in total. Agreed?

As of now, I plan on publishing through, so we can print only as many copies as we need and have TOTAL control over pricing, design, etc. Sound good?

Instead of organizing by genre, I think we should be excited to offer plenty of diversity with the book. I was thinking of sorting things out by author, instead of by topic, etc. *Therefore, since we need plenty to fill this book up, I would think it is best that each participating author submit at least ONE other piece. (For those that won the contest, the piece that received an award plus another as well.)

If you are a poet, which many of you are, consider submitting more than one piece. The more the better!

I'm thinking about having everything submitted by Sunday, January 14th. Please give your work a brief proof. It doesn't need to be PERFECT. There will be plenty of time for revision later on.

To submit: request to post your writing on the group wall. The Cafe will send me an email in order to approve this. So, I will read it over to make sure it is good enough for the anthology, and then approve. If, for some reason, I can't print it, then I will email you.

On that note, please nothing too vulgar, bloody, mature, etc. Let's keep this at least PG-13.

As of now, these are the authors:

Atlanta Carter

Michael Carr

Lauren Xena Campbell

Kate Foutz

William Boyack

"Absentee Reality Check"

**I will need to know later on what name you want your work to be published under!**

***In case some of you were curious, I will not be submitting anything into this anthology. I'm currently (as you may notice from my frequent status messages) in the process of finishing/publishing my own non-fiction book. I'm swamped just with that, so I don't want too much going on at the same time. I will DEFINATELY do something in a future anthology. However, I will take the forefront in terms of design, editing, marketing, etc. I will be buying a copy, and I already have a few family members interested in their own copies.


Let me know ASAP:

1. What you think of the above ideas.

2. What name you want to use.

3. CONFIRM that you want to write for this anthology.

4. SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT *Also, if you are a contest winner, please resend me the piece that won the award.*




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15 Years Ago

Does the anthology have a name yet?

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15 Years Ago

Not yet. Any ideas?

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15 Years Ago

Well, I know what it shouldn't be:  Casually Writing Anthology 2007 (may be good for a subtitle inside)

That will send writers elsewhere.  We need something in character with the stories, maybe choose one or two with a similar theme and basing it on that.  Alternatively, you could name it after the longest or first story, although mine is probably the longest, and I don't think that is an appropriate title for the book.  (It's got to get better than this!)  No, that won't do.

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15 Years Ago

Heh. No, I don't think it would be the best title. On this note, and I will send out an email also, please send me ALL of the work that you are going to submit to me, ASAP by emailing them all to me on the Cafe or at the following:

[email protected]

[email protected]

I dislike deadlines, so I will not set one. However, I would greatly appreciate if all work could be in as soon as you possibly can. We need to get this on the road (and we need a title...).

Much thanks!




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15 Years Ago

Did the data loss affect this anthology?  I know of projects in other groups that are completely gone.  I assume you've gotten Word files from all of us by now?

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15 Years Ago

Name ideas...


-The Casualist. or, The Casualist's Anthology.

and... I'll post again if I think of anything else.

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15 Years Ago

I have received Word documents from Kate and from Atlanta (although I think your writing is on my main computer). Other than that, I haven't heard from any of the other writers at all.

I would really appreciate all writing by the end of this week. Things don't have to be perfect. I will give things a once-over before I send anything to the presses! (And, if you catach anything yourself, you can just let me know.)

I really hope that all of you were able to recover your writing. I wasn't as lucky, but I have most of it saved on my computer.


Take care. Any other questions, just ask!

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15 Years Ago

What's the latest, Justin?