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Just like to say hello

17 Years Ago

I write sonnets about cats and my book, Cat-House Sonnets, has won several awards. Here is a sample of what I do. This one is about our new 5 month old kitten, Paisley:

My brother Arthur�s in the litter bin;
I have to see just what he does in there.
So I get on the top and peer right in;
I look at him and stare and stare and stare.

I go down to the front so I can see
what occupies that boy in there so long.
Is Arthur doing poopy or just pee?
I must be sure he isn�t doing wrong.

He�s scratching now, the sand and also walls;
why does he scratch on walls, I need to ask.
Arthur, when you pee, straight down it falls;
just scratch the sand; it�s such an easy task.

Oh, you came out; do you think we can play;
I wanted to forever and a day.