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14 Years Ago

Just wanted to say hello to everyone who wants to participate in my little pet project here.

Before we get started, we need to discuss a few group guidelines.

As the description says, this is a place to talk about whatever is on your mind, whatever you would talk about over a cup of good coffee. But don't burn, spit in, douse cigarettes in, or otherwise ruin anyone else's coffee, please. You can dive headlong into the social tabus - politics, religion - but remember that even people with beliefs similar to yours (Republican, Catholic, Ecclectic Pagan, Communist) may not agree with everything you believe within those parameters so be rational and thoughtful in your arguments. I do not condone outright censorship but tact is our friend and we should embrace it with a great big warm hug.

That said, pour yourself a cup, cream is in the fridge, sugar is on the counter, have a seat on the couch and discuss....anything.