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You are all beautiful!

8 Years Ago

My freind looked at this page an felt the need to help. :)! Please check out her group on facebook called "No place for fakes."   thank you. (: <3 :) An reamember you dont need make-up,an fancey clothes to be pretty!!! its inside!
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Re: You are all beautiful!

7 Years Ago

I think you're absolutly correct.  Beauty comes from all facets of a person's being.

I often feel worthless and ugly inside and out.  However I know deep inside that its just a superficial state of being.  All of that  "beauty" doesn't really matter.  My goals have always been to be intelligent, have a sense of humour and a sense of reality. Also I find beauty in other worldly things, like the night sky. These help me to realize my humiility and humbleness.  Nothing is ever perfect and nor should it be.  Life is not about perfection, its about finding beauty when its available

Thank you for making this statement.

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