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11 Years Ago

It is not authoritative nor exhaustive, but as I live nowhere near anyone who speaks Cherokee, anymore, I am pretty isolated from it all. Being an outcast doesn't help either. :{

Cherokee names are Cherokee. while it is possible to translate them into English, or for that matter, any other earthly language, they don't tend to translate into single words, like Bob, or Bill.

English names, like names from around the world also have meaning. For instance, my own name, 

Gender: Male
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God Is Gracious
to make my name into a Cherokee name could take a couple of different courses.
  • You could try to pronounce it best you can in Cherokee
  • You could translate it back to the original (Hebrew) and translate that word.
  • You could just be called by whatever they take a fancy to calling you
  • My name in Tsalagi is Sani Diweini Wilanigisnihiwi, or ᏌᏂ ᏗᏪᎢᏂ ᏫᎳᏂᎩᏍᏂᎯᏫ, or .

Please, if you want to know your name in Tsalagi, just ask and I will send you a massage and tell it to you. OK. thanks