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A group for people in Chicago who write their own stories, or would like to listen to those who do, read their own work, affiliated with the Chicago Fiction Writing group on Upcoming. All events announced or discussed on this group should take place in the city of Chicago, or those suburbs close enough to Chicago that they are reached by the El, eg. Evanston - and stories posted here, for the most part, should be set in our area.

Yes, this is somewhere you can post your stories, as long as they can be read by general audiences. This is not an 18+ group, and I do have to answer to WritersCafe. As long as you have some solid connection to Chicago, solid enough for doing his readings here to be a sensible option, I'm not going to quibble about your place of residence. The person who commutes from Sugar Grove to read at the Green Mill is welcome on this group, and yes, the Green Mill will let you read prose. I asked.

Fights are to be taken outside. Stories that aren't suitable for general audiences, but still not of interest to Penthouse, are to be posted to the 18+ group affiliated with this one. If you have nothing to do with Chicago, you might want to join the Fiction Writing group, which has no regional focus.

This group has companions on DeviantArt and Flickr. Some of the decisions I make as a moderator will be explained on my management journal, metadiscussions being avoided on this group. The companion groups can be followed on Twitter, and their contents will be bookmarked on Diigo and Delicious.

As WritersCafe has refused to offer feeds for the groups it hosts, no notification options can be offered for this group, meaning that stories posted here instead of on the companion groups elsewhere might not be read by as many visitors. Sorry, but that's just how WritersCafe works, and there's not much I can do about that.

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