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Guiding Light of Life

10 Years Ago

  Seventeen-year-old Lily Springfield sat on the rock that was next to the trout bed hugging her knees. Her long, curly, blond hair was being wisped by the wind, and she was enjoying the warmth of the early summer rays from the sun. As she sat on the rock she heard the buzzing noises of the bumble bee. Opening her eyes Lily saw the bumble bee hovering happily around some wildflowers, leaving one and into another flower. She decided that it was time to get up off the rock after looking at her watch; it was 11:30 a.m. in the morning. She decided that it was time to get ready for work.   She put on her flip-flops but not before stepping into the rocky cool, rocky creek. She took in a deep breath, and “Aahh that feels so good”, spoke out loud to herself. After the short wade in the water, Lily gathered up her Bible, notebook, and pen and put them in her bag. Then she was off for a quick return to home to get ready for work, humming along the way.   Half an hour later Lily was in the back of the pasture of her parents’ farm. They had a variety of farm animals of sorts. There were some llamas, white-faced Herefords, and a couple of donkeys. As she got closer to the large farmhouse wrapped with a porch chickens were scattered here and there. Alongside the old, but still strong barn there were also some rabbits.   That’s how Lily usually loves to begin her days and preferably the earlier the better for then she has more time praying, meditating, on the scriptures and thereby hearing from the Holy Spirit of what He is saying to her. Many times as the day progresses she realizes that what she reads, meditates on, and listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit that it applies to a situation for that day.   Opening the door, she saw her mom working in the kitchen putting baskets together for some families in need in their community. “Hi, Mom” she greeted.   “Hi, Sweetie”, Louise replied. “Nearly time for work for you, do you need a ride in?”   “Sure it would be best. It’s just a few short hours anyway.”   Soon Lily was upstairs in her room getting ready for work. She changed into her uniform, which was just the store’s navy blue t-shirt equipped with its name and logo. The store allowed jeans for it was a small local grocery store.