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Never Ceasing

10 Years Ago

Oh God my Father, My heart is mourning, The pain in me is ever growing. But here Thou art, In Thy presence, I am, And Thine gentle love is always knowing.   Oh precious Lamb, Take my hand, And give me words of comfort, Wipe the tears of sorrow from my weeping eyes, And help me stand and look forward for tomorrow.   For when times of hardships arise, When nothing ceases to stop from building pain, Lord, my voice of praise shal not waine. For Thou knowest my heartache, And Thou knowest my struggles, But my voice shall never cease, For I know oh Lord, in thee, I can rest in peace.   Deep in the arms of Jesus, I cry in sorrow, and weep in pain, I morn in weakness, And my tears fall heavier than rain. But behold! My sorrow shall not last long, For God’s love for me is mightier than all. Therefore His arms of comfort are wrapped tight about me, And His voice calmeth the raging sea, That stirreth heavily in me. So once again, I rest in peace, And my song of praise, Will forever raise, And my faith and worship, To Him, shall never cease.