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Welcome to the group!

15 Years Ago

Everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining this group and share whats on my mind.

Christianity is often looked by society as something that is stagnant and lacking in the vibrancy of creativity. Given that we claim heirship with God and that we are given his spirit..... newness of life should be our fruit. The words we use are tools to share with others a world they have never experienced and that they desperatly need.

It is my desire to see a strong talented group of christians come together as one in christ and make an asserted effort to praise the father of creation with all that we are. With that in mind I expect innovative and fresh works from our membership and I encourage you all (in submission to the holy spirit) to break the mold that has been set for christian writers.

On a more technical note, please submit some work to the group. I'd like to feature a new work every week. If anyone is artisticly inclined we need an icon of some sort. Get the word out so we can have a lot of people to work with and peers to critque.
If there is any specific direction you feel the group should take post it on our fourm and we can all flesh it out. Being a group we all have ownership in this thing!

Thanks a lot for putting your talent on the table!

God bless,


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15 Years Ago

Hey everyone,

I plan on occasionally putting out a letter (like this one) to touch base with everyone.

I'd like to welcome all the new writers to the group and encourage everyone to submit work for us to appreciate and for you to receive some constructive feedback.

This group is pro-constructive criticism. In general I see a lot of encouragement in writers caf� as a whole, which is fantastic, but I want this group to be a tool for us to improve our craft.
We are here to say new, creative, and inspiring things while giving glory to God through doing the best job possible through our literature.

If you are unsure how to do something, like submit material, feel free to ask. Right now I am featuring new people in the group every few weeks as long as they have material submitted. I would like to hear the groups thoughts on the feature function and am open to ideas for contests. I currently don't have the time to read through all the submissions we might get for a contest.

I plan on soliciting Christian companies for contest donations but if someone else wants to head that please feel free, just get with me first.

In closing I encourage everyone to make a buddy in the group and review one of their pieces they have submitted to the group.

Thank you all for participating!