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14 Years Ago

Since you guys haven't talked in seven months I figured I might as well start conversation... By introducing myself.

My name is Soni... Well, not really, but you can call me Soni anyways... I mostly write allegorical fanastasy (Think Narnia). I work at a tutoring center, and I am an intern at my church. besides writing, I enjoy editting other peoples work. So, who are you?

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14 Years Ago

The whole introduction thing is a pretty good idea. :)


I'm Derrek,

I recently moved from Louisiana where I was born and raised to New Hampshire. I'm 26 and still trying to figure out an honest way of making a living, aka what I want to do with my life. I live with my folks and my slightly yonger brother George (He's 20).

I currently work for a local college doing administrative work through a temp agency. Where I go from here is pretty much up to God (Who, by the way, is the one who said this trip north out of my natural habitat was the thing to do).

I love writing, but I have serious issues writing a finished story of any length.

I decided to start this writers group on a whim but it felt like a good whim. The innitial idea was to get christian writers together and encourage each other to break out of this wierd funk that seems to hang over the confinements of cookie cutter christian litterature.

Now what I would like to do is create a web site where writers from this group could post weekly columns/blogs from personal news and testimonials to poetry and fiction. I believe if we began to deliver a consistant level of writing that all kinds of good things could happen.

The end. :)