Cisco Exams Questions And Answers


He walked now a lot of people go around ago we have it she wanted action that was very impressive ten years ago now is awesome she was still very good thanks 200-001 internet connection but well they day they are he was first about out %uh back where was before I love 0:56 K elections t1 allow for 1.5 megabits per second now and 1.5 disperse populations so thirties run web sites words right you know businesses nowadays so good because most people are or worry about downloading information frequently so Comcast Internet 12 megabits per second now as a basic service t1 line your only evaluate 1.5 Spurs axes the reasons he was urn good why they're so use issue be a service level agreement when you get you get II percent time T so that's nice so if you don't need to-do a lot of things on the internet .

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