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Taking Care o my people C and D style

11 Years Ago

Hi! Welcome, fellow Dags.

I am just posting to announce that I will be working like a dag dog in the next few months to put together some new challenges and features to offer members of Cloak and Dagger for the coming year. Features including: new writing challenges, group options and updates for the betterment and future of what I envision to become  the best of the best of avenues for  up and coming writers to pave the way on a path to new writing and new writing styles and genres and even new markets for writers for generations to come.

I envision a group of a bold new world of talent to further explode on the scene of one of the most important groups of people that reside on our planet and our living goddess, earth straight from hellmouth of Cloak and Dagger into the heart of the best writers of the world.

Let's aspire to be THE part of it.

In all sincerity,

Happy Cloak and Daggin'! from your Queen of feathers and moderator, the Queen of wands, feather.