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My book is out.

10 Years Ago

Hello cloaks and daggers members. My book has been released and if you would like a copy please go to then go to bookstore then go to search and put in 1-60813-034-7. I would think you we're supercool;). However I not writing all of you just to pimp my book. If you want to publish something,never do what I did. Never ever go through a p.o.d or vanity publisher. I have just got word back that bookstores that we're going to carry my book no longer will. I had four reviews all set up and now they will not review my book. My friend who is a local d.j will not have me on now. All because I went through publishamerica my book has been blacklisted. Even thow publishamerica has been more then fare with me and my book looks great. They have a terrible rep and no one trusts them. What really upsets me as that the book is good. You guys know me,you know I'm a good poet. Detroit knows I have talent,people want the book. But it will never be at your local bookstore.

So I just want to stress this point again,the only way to get a copy of my book is by going to and never publish with publishamerica.