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Behind "Untold Beauty"

11 Years Ago

I've gotten such a response to, “Untold beauty,” I decided to talk about it. U.B. is a four-line poem I wrote describing a rare flower I saw in a picture pasted to a poem I was reading on Black Birds list. Keep in mind that I'm not a poet, in fact I'm an average writer at best, but I when I saw the picture I wanted to describe what I saw. I wrote this in response to a glowing review I received from Valerie, on U.B. and thought, "Why not share this with the rest of you." 



I will hide nothing from those who want to know the meaning behind, "Untold beauty." I'm not a magician or a poet. I had a brief moment when I was looking at a picture I saw of a, Bird Of Prey Orchid, when I decided to try and describe, in as few words as possible, how beautiful that flower was. My thoughts came together as follows:

A mystery unfound in lost desires,

I had never heard of this type of flower before so to me it was a mystery and I could only imagine how something so exotic in appearance and shear beauty would be rare and difficult to find, so difficult that most would give up on finding it / making it a lost desire.

lost inside the beholders eye.

I've heard many times that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and find that to be true. If this flower of such beauty is a lost desire then it is personal to the person who gave up the search, the person who saw it, the beholder.

the eleventh sin we all aspire,

I had to research this one before I wrote it and I found a list of the commandments that revealed the numerical order of the sins I wanted to refer to, the sin denouncing the human desire to covet. The beholder who gave up searching for this rare beauty searched because of his desire to have, or covet, what someone else had. To me this means he broke the eleventh sin by aspiring to obtain that beauty he so wanted.

leaving only the blind to cry.

This beauty the beholder coveted and searched in vain for was so beautiful that only the people who couldn't see it, the people for whom it was not possible to behold, the people who lacked the one basic ability or sense needed to covet, would cry for having missed a masterpiece of God.


I hope this didn't spoil it for anyone but maybe it can un-complicate things for those wondering what steps my mind took to derive at this location.

I hope you still like it.

D. L. Price