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Behind, "A cigarette moment."

11 Years Ago


I don't smoke ....not anymore....I quit finally with the help of Chantix. That stuff really works.


When you're trying to write the most profound thing you can inside six words what I ask, what sells better than sex? Now, I wanted to use sex without using the word sex or any of its other derivitives. I wanted to imply it and I wanted it to be implied so thickly you couldn't think my six words meant anything else. It was really a no brainer from that point on.


Now, the after sex cig. is apart of all cultures is it not? I mean, next to sleep I can't think of anything else anyone wants to do more than burn one after a good beroom tussle unless of course you don't smoke and less so if your a woman who doesn't smoke. If that's the case cuddling is propbably what you want most. Otherwise its a cigarette.


Like sex, I wanted to use the cigarette moment to be foundation for my six words and again I didn't want to use the word cigarette or even imply the act of lighting one. I wanted the moment. I wanted to highlight that moment in way everyone who reads my six words knows beyond all doubt what just happened. I even wanted the scene to play out in everyones mind like an old grainy hollywood movie where I'm sure the phrase was originally invented.


And that's about it, "Was it good for you too." Implys that some one had sex and it was it least good for them, which in most cultures is, "A cigarette moment."