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My collaboration ideas.

10 Years Ago

Story Idea One: Assassination.
A group of assassins are contracted to kill three multimillion pound targets. They must plan for weeks to pull off the synchronised killing. But there's a twist in this plot, one of the assassins is related to a target. Will this throw the whole mission, and the assassin's lives, into the balance? 
Story Idea Two: Translation. 
A boy is growing up in the middle of London, his mother and father are a mystery to him. He was abandoned as a 6 year old, with no memory of his past. What happened to him and why doesn't he remember? Maybe a note, written in a language he couldn't understand, that was left under his pillow might show the way to his past. If only he could translate it... 
Story Idea Three: Save me. 
A vampire is on the lose. And only targeting Jace Grey {Name change allowed}. What does the vampire want from him, is it blood? Or is it a secret kept long buried in the depths of his subconscious? Whatever it is, this monster is ready to kill to get it from him. Who will save him from this monster? 
Message me/reply here if you're interested in any of these.