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Concrete Angels is a group geared for Adults or children who have experienced abuse, or still may be experiencing it, in ANY form and wish to tell their story or just listen to others tell theirs. The purpose is to bring about a healing and inner peace to ones life and to have a support system. No person here is a doctor, so any medical or physcological help needed would need to be handled by a trained professional. I also encourage that everyone be mindful of others feelings and experiences. Although mainly women may end up joining, this place is open to males as well. We DO NOT allow persons who may have been or still are a predator. That would be a conflict of interest and defeats the groups purpose. With that said, this should be a safe place and all that is said within the confines of this group and forum STAYS in the group. There must be a respect for eachother's privacy. Hopefully, we will learn from each other and gain strenght in numbers. And realize once and for all IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT!!!

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June 25, 2007 - July 25, 2007

Hear Me Now


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