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12 Years Ago

Hiya everyone!

Welcome to the connect the dots group. I really want to learn about every one. Connection is all about understanding, so I want to understand all of you. So for the first connection is a question.

What is one event that has shaped you into what you are today?

My event is when I moved to a small island on the east coast, leaving behind the extended family, and moving to a place that I knew next to nothing about. I'm glad I did though, because I met some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for, and now I have a wonderful girlfriend as well. Moving was best because it allowed me to find people that normally I would have never known.

Hello, Internet

12 Years Ago

Discovering the internet.

First I joined a small, sonic art related site, that encouraged me to draw more. Then, I moved on to deviantART, where I rapidly improved and expanded my world of friendship. The internet saw every phase I went through, from hyperactive to goth/emo to where I am today. Seeing the majority of the internet making fun of emo people, I realized that I needed to be me without labeling myself. Without the internet, I don't think I'd be quite the same person I am today. Although I've had a lot of friends on the internet, they're pretty much beyond me now, though I still have one close friend.

And then there was moving to a small island on the east coast...

Major Event? BAH

12 Years Ago

One event that shaped my life? Ha, my life's too boring for that. This little town is so boring, and filled with Yanks.


I suppose, though, joining a little art site called DeviantArt would be considered a major event; by joining that site, I opened myself up to hope, pain, friendship, loss, creativity, and depression. I met quite a few friends from all over the world on that site, and promptly lost them- all but one had other things to do, or didn't understand why I didn't think the way they did, or thought I wasn't worth their love.


It sounds sad, but it's really been an overall good experience for me; if I'd stayed away from dA, kept myself hidden away in this small town, and never tried to reach out, I'd be far more emotionally handicapped then I am now, and more untrusting of others who are different from me.


I still don't trust whiny people from cities/Texas, but I'm working on that...*wink*

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12 Years Ago

There are many moments that have turned me into who I am today. There was meeting new friends, like my very-close guy friend that I met in PreSchool.

There was losing friends every other year because they had to move.

There was meeting new friends, and deaths in the family. (Yes, i think that my dog dying is a death in the family ;-; you know what i mean, ELEMIAH!)

And there was meeting the one friend that I have known for the longest time... 14 out of my 15 years of existence!

My parents have also changed me into who I am...

There was also that one day when I was told my dad was wanted dead by a few people... that changed my life FOREVER! And also seeing a pic of the guy who wanted him dead =(


Friends and my parents have made me into who i am... a hyperactive-excentric-happy-yet depressed-person who loves her friends dearly and would do absolutely anything for them! Caring for friends :3

oh god, there's a friendship speech haha.. i am not a freaky fish guy!