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Must See Contests of March-April =)

12 Years Ago

These are some must see and/or popular contests that are ending within a  month, nothing I post will have an ending date of later than may 1st. Some will be ending in the next couple of days some you will have a couple weeks to work on, and I will be updating as close to every day as I possibly can....


My hope is that this thread will keep everyone busy with contests for a while to come. But pay close attention to the (dates and special needs) in parenthases they are not done in order of end date so you will have to look through them to find the date you want.


Part of the reason I started this thread was because I enter about 15 contests a day and I not only like to to enter contests I know I can win but contests that provide me with a challenge. and keeping this in mind I will be posting a new contest thread in the next couple of hours or maybe a day with the most challenging contests I have come across.


These are some of My favorite contests and do not express the view and oppinions of "Contests Addicts" group in any way shape or form and/or  the opinions of it's modorator or members...


Best Poems (ends April 8th)


Give Me the Chills (Ends may 1st)


One With Nature (Ends April 18th)


The Ultamite Taboo (Ends April 5th Needs More Submissions)


One Day We'll be Together (Ends April 6th and needs many more submissions)


The Bucket List (ends April 5th needs submissions)