couch - transitive verb ˈkau̇ch

1: to lay (oneself) down for rest or sleep
2: to embroider (a design) by laying down a thread and fastening it with small stitches at regular intervals
3: to place or hold level and pointed forward ready for use
4: to phrase or express in a specified manner

You know what you're here to do. Write!

To couch here, you should probably take a mind to these precepts:

1. This group is about in-depth reviews. Every review you give should have at least three different critiques. As in, (1) Make your dialogue more believable, (2) Clean up your grammar, and (3) I really liked your use of detail "here." (etc.)

2. This group is also about community-building. Actively use the forums! Get to know each other! Role play! Now- to what makes this group fun.

3. Writing is accepted on an approval-only basis. To have your work displayed here, it must go through hefty revision or be pretty darn good right off the bat. Find friends in the "Review for Gallery" thread in the forum and make each other's work better!

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