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Hello there!

9 Years Ago

Please introduce yourself. 
Name: Aoharu_Kale
I also go by Aoharu or Kale.
Age: 18; senior in high school
Favorite creepypasta: Dating Game, BEN DROWNED, Jeff the Killer, ShadowLurker, and Hands, and others....
I mainly write fanfiction and song lyrics, but I have been trying to write original fiction. I like Vocaloid/UTAU, anime/manga, and horror. 

Re: Hello there!

9 Years Ago

Please introduce yourself. 
Name: Inverse Sanity, just call me inga. 

Age: 19, currently in College to be a disease specialist. 
Favorite creepypasta: Slenderman, Cupcakes, Tags, I am Always With You, Faces in the Storm, Kagome Kagome, Red and White, and others... 
I generally write Horror, fanfics, erotica and Fiction, I'm trying to branch into romance and comedy (two things I generally don't touch with a 10ft pole) so that my resume is longer for my publisher, who nagged me for not writing romance since that seems to be the big s**t these days. I'm working on getting a book of some of my short stories published, that should be out in a year or so, and I like the color purple, anime, sushi, and cats. sooooo yeah...