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Swapping Chapters

9 Years Ago

I just joined the group and was interested in sharing with another or others. Not exactly sure if this group is still active or  how you share  with each other.

Let me know.

Re: Swapping Chapters

8 Years Ago

Yeah same, unsure of the activity in this group, but I figured I would start by saying hi. I'm working on a novel called "To Break The Silence." I would love for anyone to critique what I have, the harsher the better (lets me know what I have to fix). Critiques keep me motivated and I'll actually work on my story if I know I actually have some interest and people need more to read. I posted the first chapter, but I have a lot more written, so if you decide to give me a chance and like what I have so far just message me and we'll go from there. Thanks, looking forward to meeting new writing friends!