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"Has any one encountered discrimination based upon your work?"

8 Years Ago

Would you like to relate to the group; any experiences you may have had, whether judged in a stereotypical fashion, or deemed some other tasteless adjective, regarding the kind of poetry, prose, story, art... you choose to display? Bad me... I waited til after 3 in the frickin' morning to write something here...using run on I just want you guys to feel free to express whatever you want to in this group. Cuz... I know somewhere out there they have starving artists, but I'm pretty sure some of us fall into the category! Still; starving doesn't mean lunatic, does it? Do you get tired of the stigmata....the whispers of those who think they know who you really are inside? Do any of you have the gift to read others? What happens when it all gets very controversial? How do YOU deal with ruffled feathers?
 Yah, so ready...set...go...masqued^^(God...I hope someone made coffee!)