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World Of Dargazag Rules

9 Years Ago

-No Swearing Excessively
-No Personal Info
-No drug related content unless it happens to be something in the story
-No Harassing/threatening others
-No Spam
-Use the edit button or delete button instead of posting another post for it will be considered spam
Roleplaying Rules:
-You MUST have your characters names and post colored to their color. -You MAY NOT have more than one character, unless your original character dies
-No Power Playing
-No God Characters (Super Strong Characters)
-No guns
-If you want to speak out of character in the RP area use OCC: which stands for "Out of character" and have it bold and black. When you want to be back in character after consecutive OCC: posts, use BIC: which stands for "back in character". You can have that in your character's color.
-You may not worship more than one Animal/God even if exiled.-You may play as an active human via Caveman, Aztec, etc.
plot: In the world of dargazahumans worship animals as their gods.

He who walks with anger

9 Years Ago

His dark skin is due to years of rubbing mud to cover is body in worship to the Brown Bear. During the day he walks along the river, claw fishing for salmon, trout, and catfish to fill his basket made from stick. His body is covered by the fur of a dead male Brown bear, which completly covers and protects him. Inside his bear armor, a series of holes are opened for oxygen and to keep him cool, the eyes of the bear removed for his vision, while rock covered wood stuck together by clay makes for his defense. His Brown Bear armor is also equiped with the sharp claws of the Brown Bear for fishing, and self defense.  "He who walks with anger" is a tall slender 7'0", 17 year old male noted for his intense aggresion towards others during the hibernation periods of the Brown Bear.