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Writing Suggestion

15 Years Ago

heres an idea for all of you who dont have anything in particular to write at the moment.




*take a story, a well known one, like a fairy tale or just a story that most people know and rewrite it from another point of view.


like snow white from the evil witchs point of view


9/11 from the hijackers point of view



you can use any situation or story that most people are familiar with


you could even do something like


thanksgiving dinner from a turkeys point of view waiting to be killed....



whatever, the more creative angle you take on it, the better these usually end up becoming



another idea is:


i gave you all jobs for the magazine and packets of poems accepted so far. if you were an art person, work on drawings or art ideas for those, or for any of the contest winners so far because they will be in the mag. go back to your job sheet and see what your job was and work towards completing that.


i will probably make the final exam by having you complete your job for the semester...