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Music Is My Life

10 Years Ago

Plot line:(Who ever joins in) goes to Conquest High with thousands of students going there and their mascot is a Mocking bird. Everyone there is all about music/choir and dancing and the arts of painting/drawing/writing/plays. When some of these classes/electives are being taken away and replaced with other, un-fun classes/electives, a group of students demand for the school to bring back their favorite subject.

Re: Music Is My Life

10 Years Ago

Name: Calvin Jesse Moon

Age: 17

Date of birth:November 28



-Fast metabolism
-Loves to collect watches
-Nice and kind
-Tries his very best to see the bright side of a bad situation

-Playing the piano
-Dancer (hold on, I'll figure out which type of dancing he does)

-Writing about his feelings
-Playing the piano

-Being picked on
-Being called four eyes
-Messing up on a cord
-Spelling errors (pet peeve)

-Emerald green eyes
-Pale skin
-Light purple messy hair
-Light purple long sleeved shirt
-Black vest
-Red and black tie
-Black dress pants
-Black shoes
-Silver watch