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The Value Of Dark Poetry

10 Years Ago

The way I see it, dark poetry has a special role. Clearly, we all have "dark" emotions, particularly following a traumatic event. In my experience, embracing this genre can help writers to express their more morbid thoughts. And of course, to share them with others. What do the rest of you think?

In addition, there are many global issues, which can be defined as "dark", in one way or another. Dark poetry is more than, just another writing genre? Do you share that opinion, perhaps?

Lastly (for now), without dark poetry in our lives, there may even be the risk of us losing touch with the genuinely morbid situations which arise. It is also an interesting way, to understand and interpret the darker aspects of history, current events or even future scenarios!



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9 Years Ago

Very much agreed Julian.  Shakespeare wrote so many dark stories, and sonnets all heading and showing us how these feelings of rage, animosity, depression etc, have been since the 1450's I believe.  It is incredible.  And even further in literature.  Moreover, the entailment of this feelings in which what we choose to react and the consequences behind them.   ----mishel