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Edgar Allan Poe

10 Years Ago

I felt that it seemed highly appropriate, to add a thread about this great writer. Indeed, perhaps he was one of the finest writers of dark poetry and stories?

Whatever your views about his writing, it is worth remembering that he also wrote in other genres too. Having said that, many of these other pieces were also rather dark. Three of his stories featured a detective, and some plot devices which were way ahead of their time. I have in mind, his stories, "The Purloined Letter", "The Murders In the Rue Morgue" and "The Mystery Of Marie Roget".

Some of his dark poetry, is simply brilliant! Despite his rather troubled life, this writer managed to produce at least three volumes of poetry. I admit to not having a precise awareness, of his total output. He died in Baltimore, on 7th October 1849.



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10 Years Ago

Poe, Brontees, and Kafka are my favorite writers.  Poe struggled so much in his time, from what literature tells us.  He had a drinking problem.  He lost his young wife early on.  Something tells me he a bipolar disorder.

My favorite story is Morella.  I found it so amazing and becoming that I wrote my own version of the story.  Poe is of a huge influence in my writing.  ----mishel

Re: Edgar Allan Poe

9 Years Ago

I actually just go into Edgar Allen Poe and I love my favorite poems are "Annabel Lee" and "The Raven". I loved "The Raven" so much that I mimicked the style and produced a fine poem. I am quite inspired by his troubled life and salute him as one of the geniuses of the writing world!