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' Who's the Victim? '

10 Years Ago

Why does the pedophile get away with it all? As he hurts and tortures the little girl playing with her doll;   After 22 counts of his sick and perverted ways, the verdict says ' He dos'nt have to pay;'   So he's out and about amongst the purest of us all, with his sights set on a child at the mall;   We protect every right of this ' pedophile ' when its the poor little victim we should go the extra mile;   Its a fact this sickness runs in family lines, but we must be alert to the signs; then we could stop him before he rapes, tortures, and binds;   Laws need to change so we can act, before hes able to again attack;   We need to be able to get him with just the ' intent ' it will save our babies from being heaven-sent......