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Hello need info

16 Years Ago

Hi my name is Autumn Sims and I was wondering if anyone here had knowledge of where I could find information on the Upyr and Upierczi Vampires besides just this...
Upyr: Russian. This Vampire is considered extremely vicious; it will first attack children and then continue by killing the parents. As with the Upier, the Upyr rises during the day and sleeps at night, and in doing so holds a fairly human appearance. A Heritic

Upierczi: Vampires who originate in Poland and Russia, also called Viesczy. They have a sting under the tongue instead of the fangs and are active from noon to midnight. They can only be destroyed by burning. When burned, the body will burst, giving rise to hundreds of small, disgusting animals (maggots, rats, etc.). If any of these creatures escape then the Upierczi's spirit will escape too and return later for revenge. Suicide, violent death or using witchcraft during lifetime.
I have seen this same info on numerous websites and would like more
Thank You