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[DMG] Member of the Month Contest up!

16 Years Ago

Hello fellow DMG members! I just got the member of the month contest up. It will be open on May 29 (tomorrow).

Each member can submit one piece of writing, which will then be voted on by all members. The winner will be DMG's MOTM. Each month, the contest will be themed around a different creature. This month the creature is vampires. I ask that stories be 1,500 words or less and that poems are at a bare minimum 12 lines, but if they are not it's no big deal. The only grounds for disqualification are if the submitted work was added to the site before May 1, 2007.

I encorage each and every group member to enter ::biggrin::

Once the MOTM is chosen, I would like to ask for each group member to read and review at least one of their works.

Here is a link to the contest:

Good luck all!