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Journal Entry--No Sound

12 Years Ago

I have to play detective with my computer these days--I have a set of DVDs but tonight there was no sound, or couldnt get sound--checked by putting in another DVD and that one had no sound either--but its not the mute button, and the speakers are transmitting computer sounds so its not the speakers; volume is turned all the way up on screen, and all the way up on speakers, so its not the volume---damned if iI know what it is! It's not the disks--its in the system somewhere--yesterday everything worked fine; I unplugged and plugged the printer, for another reason--could that be it? I'm baffled--

So I had a roast beef sandwich yesterday at Sidamo, which I call Sit Down 'Mo--place is catching on a little bit--sit there with my Neo  and write; how am I gonna fix this no sound problem? Is very frustrating. If I went out and bought a regular DVD player it would probably have sound--but am not made of money--it is an either/or existence--tonight I shelled out for chili cheese fries--and got some oil to cook tortillas.; La Victoria Salsa Brava is the best stuff--is the color and consistency of katchup but is a hot salsa. Maybe if I dont play any DVDs for a while, problem will go away--"Where the broom does not reach, the dust will not vanish by itself" )Mao zeDong) You mention Mao, and an awful lot of people will start talking about Mickey Mouse--I am not a follower of his, but he said an awful lot of quotable things."Let a hundred flowers bloom" and so forth. Mao, not Mickey.