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Are children growing up to quickly??

9 Years Ago

Right people, I need a response to this with your oppinions. Personally I think yes they are! What with 12 year olds wearing make-up etc. Underaged smoking and drinking and sex is on the rise as well as teenaged pregnancy. And sex ed is being taught in schools to kids at 9 and 10 years old! But what do you think?
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Re: Are children growing up to quickly??

8 Years Ago

i would have to agree with you on that, i do believe kids are growing up to fast. I mean not only scentificly are they growing up but also visually as well i mean my younger sister who is only 12 she is starting to wear make up and that can lead to serious problems in the future also biologically they are developing way to early. Scientist believe this has to do with what they are eating, i'm not a scientist but development to early can be a stress not only for the family but also for the teen.