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Make A Story

8 Years Ago

Make A Story

This is a simple game that we can write a story together; like a chain story.
No randomness, no playing- well... maybe- just an actual story :).


- No foolishness, playing, or randomness.
- Your part of the story has to make sense to the part in front of yours. 
- 3 lines max each post.
- Do not continue on too much.
- Control any charrie.
- Please, try to be descriptive.


Player One:
Elizabeth lay on her soft bed, breathing in the scents of the morning. Birds chirped outside her window, and people chatted outside. They were mainly talking about...

Player Two:
How farms have become poor due to the fact many animals are being taken since last month. People have been worried, and the guards think it might just be a...

Player One: 
Dragon. A verocious dragon who eats animals for lunch, sharpening its talons on old bones, and picking fresh meat from its blood covered teeth. News spread that maybe...

On and on.
Everyone can play, not just P1 and P2 :3.
The last part of your post (as shown above) has to have a little ... at the back, as shown as above. So the next player can continue it with their own twist.

P1: Eliza sat on her bed and looked out the window.
P1: Eliza sat on her silky bed and looked out the window, studying...

Re: Make A Story

6 Years Ago

studying... the way the snow fell and its complete dominance over every surface.  This complete pure blanket of beauty reminded her of the previous king, before his throne was usurped by...

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