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Just to Let Y'all Know...

15 Years Ago

Okay, so I belong to this website called Elite SKills. It is whats called a 'Role Playing' forum. The basis of the website is that someone comes up with a plot. That plot is made into an RP. When they make the RP, they post in the 'story' they've created and if others like the RP, they can post as their characters. Its a really good thing to help with writing or writer's block and stuff.

Anyways, for a while, Elite Skills has been dying in the quality of RPs made and in the quality of RPers. Surprisingly, most of the RPers are teenagers or in their 20s, and some are really good writers just looking to have a good RPing time. Thats why I'm letting y'all know that this site exists, and if you can, please join. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks. =)

Here's the link thingy: