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Description / Rules

9 Years Ago

Description:  "Rabbit Doubt" is a cell phone game in which the players are rabbits in a colony; one of these players is  a wolf infiltrating the group. Each round, the rabbits try to guess which is the wolf as the rabbits are eaten one-by-one until only the wolf is left. If the wolf is chosen, then the rabbits win. If they guess incorrectly all the rabbits are killed...    In this rp players are all friends who meet each other through the game "rabbit doubt", later kiddnapped and trapped in a secret location to be made to play a real-life game of "rabbit doubt". Each player has a bar code that can unlock ONE of the locked doors. but be careful, the door could be a trap!   Rules:  1. No dissing other people's characters.  2. if you choose to be a wolf keep it a seceret, when you kill off a rabbit pm the player to let them know and the rabbit then posts that their character it out. 3. If you post something in the rp that isn't relevent please be sure to put it in (brackets).

Re: Description / Rules

9 Years Ago

How do we decide to be the wolf and how do we secure the spot?