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9 Years Ago

Fill this out to create your character:  Name: Charrie's Age (dosn't need to be yours): Gender: Appearance: Characteristics: Bar code location: Background/other:

Re: Characters: Hazel

9 Years Ago

Name: Hazel Blackwood. Charrie's Age: 16. Gender: Female. Appearance: Green eyes, brown hair, freckells, black singlett, denim jacket and skirt, dark blue converse shoes. Characteristics: childish, optamistic, determined. Bar code location: left wrist. Background/other: Has a white shepard dog called Ace and sketches manga.

Re: Characters:

9 Years Ago

Name - Ayami Age - 18 Barcode location - Right shoulder Personality - Mostly silent. usually happy, can be depressing to be around Description: Tall, long blonde hair, wears black clothes

Re: Characters:

9 Years Ago

Name: Van Miles

Age: 17

Barcode: Below Left Eye

Personality: Blunt, Casual, Neutral, Patient

Characteristics: Observant, Introverted, Pragmatic

Hobbies: Table Tennis, Reading, Hunting, Solving Puzzles

Clothes: Hooded Jacket (White), Plain Shirt (Red), Cargo Pants (Tan), Sneakers (White)

Appearance: Straight Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Fair Skin, Slightly Below-Average Height

Skills: Mental Calculations, Knife and Rifle Proficiency