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It Can Happen

8 Years Ago

<i>Dragonfaerie</i>, my first novel, is being published by Reliquary Press. I'll let everyone know when the publication date is as soon as I hear it.

The novel is book 1 of a planned seven-part series called <i>The Guardians of Enoch</i>. It is about a young man from Iowa who finds himself trapped within a strange world after being kidnapped by the same creature that spirited off his infant brother a decade before.

Book 2, <i>Emperor of Stone</i> is still being written, but you can view the prologue and the first couple of chapters in the writing portion of this group.

If you like what you read, be sure to pick up <i>Dragonfaerie</i> from Reliquary Press when it becomes available. I hope you like it!