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Coming in March 2011

9 Years Ago

What could be worse than watching your infant brother being abducted before your eyes?

Will Englewood thought he knew the answer. At five he watched his brother being taken from his crib. He saw the abductor in fine detail, his shocked mind memorizing every hair, every wrinkle and every wart. The trouble was, when asked what he saw, he told everyone the truth.

He saw a goblin.

For ten years everyone has thought Will had a psychological breakdown. Will himself thinks he is insane. He has nightmares of the creature and his life seems to be little more than a string of fights with his parents and visits to his therapist. As Will spirals towards what he knows will be living out his days in an institution, he discovers that there is something much worse that being crazy: being totally sane and being taken from the world by the same creature that took his brother.

Will now finds himself in a new world filled with exotic creatures, powerful magicians and treacherous landscapes. Each new path leads him deeper into danger, and every person seems to have an agenda. In a microcosm that seems bent on ending his life, Will’s only chance to escape back to the world he knows lies in a mystical being known as the Dragonfaerie, a guardian of the land he know finds himself in.

With the help of Anlia, a mysterious girl with a troubled past, and McBride, a wise-cracking magician’s apprentice, Will sets off to seek the guardian in hopes to return home to his own world…before the one he is in tears itself apart.

If you do not yet know, my first novel, Dragonfaerie, will be released by Reliquary Press in March (date pending). Although small, Reliquary is a full-fledged publishing house. Check them out here:

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